ToTheZeroth News

API Documentation

"Item" resource

Embedded as ttzn:item in the "items" collection

The "item" resource models a specific news item from a feed. These cannot be created by clients.

The resource is represented by an application/hal+json [draft] object with the following structure.

State properties
Property Type Mode Description
authors -separated string Read-only Authors, as published in the feed
categories -separated string Read-only Categories, as published in the feed
description String Read-only The description of the item
Note 1: This may be shortened from the published description, and will be stripped of HTML tags
Note 2: If no description was published, the published content will be used instead
feedTitle String Read-only The alias of the subscription, or its published title if no alias set
itemId Integer Read-only A numerical ID (used in some URI templates)
link String Read-only The permalink for further reading
pubDateUtc "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss" Read-only The UTC time at the original publication date and time
state One of "queued", "new" or "archived" Optional The current reading state of the item
subscriptionId Integer Read-only A numerical ID of the subscription providing the item (used in some URI templates)
title String Read-only The title of the item
Resource links
Relation Description
self The URI of the set of items contained within this representation
Note: This may differ from the request URI, for instance by supplying the lower limit parameter actually used due to server-side limits
up The URI of the item's "subscription" resource