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"Subscriptions" collection

URI template supplied by the ttzn:subscriptions link in the entry point resource

The "subscriptions" collection models the entire set of feed subscriptions created (and not deleted) by the authenticated user. To make it possible to request only a subset of the collection, it is identified by a URI template [RFC6570] with the following parameters.

URI template parameters
Parameter Type Mode Description
id Comma-separated list of integers Optional Only include subscriptions with these specific IDs

The resource itself is represented by an application/hal+json [draft] object with the following structure.

Embedded resources
Relation Type Description
ttzn:subscription Array of "subscription" resources Representations of feed subscriptions
Resource links
Relation Description
curies A URI template [RFC6570] for expanding rel names with the ttzn prefix into the actual documentation URIs
self The URI of the subscriptions resource

Note: If the client specifically requests OPML by including the Accept: application/opml+xml header in a GET request, that representation is used instead (with a corresponding loss of data).

Similarly, if a POST request specifies the header Content-Type: application/opml+xml, the API will interpret each entry in the submitted OPML as equivalent to the following JSON object:

"_noduplicate": "url"