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"User" resource

URI supplied by the ttzn:me link in the "users" collection

The "user" resource models a user account. It is represented by an application/hal+json [draft] object with the following structure.

State properties
Property Type Mode Description
archivingCount Integer Read-only The total number of items the user has archived
email String Required
The user's e-mail address
Note 1: While the API enforces uniqueness of e-mail addresses, it does so in a way transparent to the client (but visible to the e-mail recipient). In other words, the client should not expect a 409 Conflict.
emailChangeDate "YYYY-MM-DD" Read-only The date of the last confirmed e-mail address change
ha1 String Required
The HA1 hash as defined by the HTTP Digest Authentication specification [RFC2617], using the realm and algorithm given by the "users" resource
itemCount {
Read-only The number of items currently available to the user, per reading state
passwordChangeDate "YYYY-MM-DD" Read-only The date of the last confirmed password change
payExpiresUtc "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss" Read-only The point in time (UTC) when the user's paid subscription will end
Note: this will not be included if there is no active paid subscription
payLevel Integer Read-only A number representing the user's currently active paid subscription (0 = free subscription)
signupDate "YYYY-MM-DD" Read-only The date the user signed up with the service
Embedded resources
Relation Type Description
ttzn:payment "payment" resource A representations of the active payment request (if any)
Resource links
Relation Description
curies A URI template [RFC6570] for expanding rel names with the ttzn prefix into the actual documentation URIs
self The URI of the current user
ttzn:pay A URI indiciating where to post new payment requests
Note: This will be the same as the URI of the embedded "payment" resource, if there is one
up The URI of the "users" collection